Kitty's Friend Sam

cat in Puriscal
Meet Kitty's friend Sam. When he first began coming around I thought he was a stray cat looking for a home, but then I found out he has a good home down the street. He comes most days to visit and play with Kitty. I have a feeling Sam and Kitty came from the same house at the corner, the one where the woman died last year.

cat in Puriscal
Sam has eyes that will melt your heart. He is very gentle and has never scratched me. In fact, he is so gentle that after a while I checked to see if he has claws, and he does. He usually gets floppy at my feet and wants me to pet him for ever! He's also a big talker. In the first photo he is greeting me with meows from the roof of the Alchemical Lounge.

cat in Puriscal
I have been entertained watching them interact in various ways. I like how they greet each other with whisker or nose bumps. I think Kitty enjoys the friendly visits.


How lovely. I think I know where this story is going. Now two cats and one dog? You got the eyes perfectly.
SRD said…
Fortunately Sam is not my responsibility, however I enjoy his visits. He is a sweetie!