Farewell Rooster Chicky

Last year will forever be etched in my mind, as I'm sure it will for everyone in the world. My first experience with chicks happened in April. After a few fumbles I decided to raise a chick that was scalped by the mama hen. I managed to raise him and integrate him with his own small flock of hens. This required that the chicken palace be set up for two roosters, each with their own flock of hens.

As Chicky matured he became obsessed with Junior, the rooster on the other side of the chicken wire. One day I witnessed them fiercely fighting through the fence. Junior broke the tip of his beak and got a few scratches. Chicky had also become aggressive with me and would attack me whenever he could.

Last week one of Chicky's hens died of mysterious causes. This left Chicky with just two hens. I took a hard look at the situation and determined I did not have enough space in the palace for two roosters with their flocks and a separate space for mama hen to raise chicks. Ideally, each rooster should have at least six hens. At that rate egg production could go up to twelve a day. We don't need that many eggs.

I decided to give Chicky to one of our employees. The guys had always admired how handsome Chicky is and I'm sure he will have a nice life at his new place. Chicky's hens have integrated with Junior's flock. Everything is more calm now. No crowing wars and a more peaceful environment for everyone. 

I learned many lessons in 2020 and raising Chicky was one of them. Here is the last video I took of Chicky before he was transported to his new farm.