Red Roofs of Costa Rica

Costa Rica roof paint

I'll always remember the first time I visited Costa Rica. As the airplane approached San Jose the thing that stuck out the most was the color of the roof tops. Red and rust were most common. The colors and varying degrees of decay created an impression of a developing country.

House near Puriscal, Costa Rica

After our house was built we painted the metal roof white. I have seen other white metal roofs here, but they are uncommon. After a few years a rust colored mold settled on parts of the roof. This same type of mold also grows on the clear plastic roof in the garden. I have to clean it off every so often because it dims the sunlight. 

Recently, the time arrived to repaint the roofs and this time we went with the most common rust/red color. I now realize why it's the most popular color because it hides a lot of things and looks better longer.