A Recent Shopping Trip in Santiago de Puriscal

Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica

I went into town this week to acquire corn seeds, an oscillating sprinkler and new rubber boots. I was pleased to find everything on this adventure. I saw water buffalo meat for sale inside one of the hardware stores. It looked good, but I didn't buy any this time. 

Pizza Hut truck in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica
Pizza Hut truck in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica

Up until now, Puriscal has been good about keeping out the multi-national fast-food chains. McDonalds, KFC, Wendy's, etc. have never been here. That seems to have changed recently. Over the past year a Pizza Hut truck moved into town and is currently parked next to a soccer field. This was the first time I saw the pizza truck. I was very surprised to also find a small Papa John's just a few blocks down the same street the Pizza Hut truck is on. My observations tell me pizza and fried chicken are favorites here.  

Street Vendor in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica

Mask wearing continues inside public places. I don't go out often so wearing a mask was very uncomfortable for me. It will be a good day when Costa Rica lets go of the mask! It was nice to see the park in centro was open and lots of people were enjoying it once again. People seem more relaxed and not as paranoid.

People in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica

In the next few days, I will be planting the corn seeds. I bought the sprinkler to help irrigate the long garden bed in between rains. I never imagined I would have gone through so many pairs of rubber boots in my life. I thought I would always wear nice hiking boots like I did in the states. Costa Rica has worn off on me, the rubber boots are way more practical and I even find them more comfortable than the fancy hiking boots. They cost about $12.00 and tend to last about six months before getting a hole or crack. Pura Vida!