Taro plant flowers

large cream color flower with single stamen
Taro Flower

I was very surprised to see flowers on a giant taro plant. The plant that flowered is a volunteer growing along the side of the barn. As with most volunteers, it's the largest and healthiest of them all. It is about five feet tall.

flowers in the center of a large taro plant
Flowers of a taro plant.

The flowers aren't showy and the scent is very faint. It made at least six flowers. This plant has been growing for several years. Occasionally, the gardener cuts it to the ground, but it always rebounds.

Large green leaf of a taro plant.
Leaf of a taro plant.

The giant leaves are very impressive, many are several feet long. I don't harvest from this taro patch. I am letting it be wild and will act as a back up source if needed.