Shopping in Escazu, Wind, Photos of Ciudad Colon

The past two Fridays we explored shopping centers near the town of Escazu. Last Friday we took a cab to Hipermas (Costa Rica's Walmart) and yesterday we took the bus to the Multi Plaza. The Multi Plaza is a very large, western style shopping mall. I was amazed at the number of upscale name brand clothing stores. The lower level of the mall has a large electric train that gives rides to children. The first time we passed the train we witnessed a small child with a fuzzy teddy bear back pack running after the train, frustrated he was not on it. He caught up to the slow moving train and held on to the caboose and jogged along side as it rolled by. We walked around all two levels of the mall, had lunch and after much effort found the bus stop to go back to Ciudad Colon.

The past 5 days have been extremely windy. Gusts to 50 mph and pretty much non stop 20 mph in between. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees is massive and violent. Dust is everywhere. Coming from Seattle, I am not used to this type of wind. The street we live on lost power for 24 hours, most likely due to a fallen tree or branch. Happily the wind has subsisted within the past few hours.

I did not take the camera along on the shopping excursions so this week I am sharing some photos of things we see on our daily walks back and forth to town.

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaOne of the main streets of Ciudad Colon. To the right a crowd of people are waiting at the bus stop.

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaWe buy meat at the butcher (store on left) and fresh produce at a store in the building on the right.

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaSteeple of the Catholic Church. The architecture of this church is 50's modern.

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaThe gate to the cemetery. We live about 700 meters beyond this landmark.

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaCemetery

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaField we pass when taking our exercise walk/jog/hike.

Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaLarge old fig tree across the street from our house. A flock of parrots visit the tree daily.