Grecia, Costa Rica Property Search

This week we looked at one property for sale in the hills above Grecia. We have been to this town a few times and are pros at taking the bus from Ciudad Colon and knowing where the bus stop in San Jose is for Grecia. We left the house at 6:45 a.m. in order to get to the property before the rains began. We wanted to look at this property because it is at the approximate elevation we want and had the possibility of accessing the internet via a wi-fi service in the city.

Grecia, Costa RicaThe property had incredible views of the central valley. We were told during the summer, on clear days that there was a view all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The land is an old cattle pasture and was mostly full of blackberry bushes, which are great to eat but difficult to eradicate using non-poisonous methods. There were many potential house sites and power and water were close.

Grecia, Costa RicaWe walked on the road in front of the property and found it muddy and incredibly slippery. The road has never had gravel or drainage ditches resulting in a street that might be difficult even for the best four wheel drive vehicle. The property was private, the crisp air refreshing and views amazing. For me, it lacked that nature aspect I am looking for. There wasn't a river that was easy to walk to or a forest to enjoy. The search continues...

Just about every day around 2:00 the thunder, lightening and rains begin. It's amazing to be able to hear the rain approach us from up the valley. The rains so far have been what we would consider torrential down pours in Seattle. It's the type of rain Seattle gets every few years that causes great flooding. Here drainage ditches along the streets are deep in order to accommodate the rivers of water pouring down the hillsides.

We went out for the big monthly shopping trip with the neighbors and got caught driving in an exceptional down pour. Usually we are home when this happens, so this was the first time I witnessed what the streets look like. Many areas were flooded with several inches of water. Mini water falls were created from people's hilly properties and roads. We passed several homes in flat areas that were flooded. Our neighbors told us that type of rain is uncommon.

This type of weather is perfect for mushrooms, and mold... Outside there are many different types of mushrooms and inside, well... things need to be kept as clean and dry as possible to keep the mildew at bay.