Tropical King Snake

Tropical King SnakeThis morning I served breakfast on the veranda and sat down in my chair to enjoy the meal. I like observing the green forest we are surrounded by, but today something caught my attention about three feet behind John's chair. Inside the screened veranda I saw a snake! I did a small freak out dance and quickly went inside. John had no idea why I reacted this way and quickly jumped out of his chair.

Tropical King SnakeSoon he realized what was happening, I calmed down and the two of us went to investigate. John instantly new it was a non-venomous King Snake. I wanted to confirm and looked it up the tropical animal book. The poor thing. It was obvious he was frightened of us and desperately wanted to get outside. He frantically slithered along the screen looking for an opening. The screen was recently replaced and to prevent rocking chairs and brooms from making holes at the bottom, the landlord installed a second layer of screen, with larger holes, near the bottom. The snake wove in and out of these two layers of screen.

Tropical King SnakeJohn decided to save the day and intervene. He picked up the snake to take it outside. Before he could take it out the snake attempted to bit him a few times. Fortunately, it was a small snake (about two feet) and couldn't break his skin. John released it outside and we watched it slither away. I have to admit it was pretty. Next time I see a snake I will try my best not to do the freaky dance and calmly announce the presence of the snake.