Count Down to the Move

Costa Rica orchidLast week's focus was to buy all the stuff we need to live in the cabina. We ordered appliances and spent two days shopping for kitchen and household gadgets. We will move onto the property on Thursday. It will be a relief for me to actually be there and to start the next phase of our lives. Living on the property means taking a leap back in technology. The only internet access offered there is dial-up. Once that is hooked up we should be able to check e-mail, but no more phone calls through Skype or streaming videos on YouTube. Even posting to my blog might be a challenge. If dial-up proves to be too cumbersome we will utilize one of the many internet cafes in town.

Puriscal church windowWe continue to learn more about Tico culture through our new Argentinean friend. John has received lessons in Tico driving techniques and how to approach and influence the right people to accomplish things. I have learned that you always ask for a discount when spending large sums of money at stores and to just do more relaxing in general.

Rio Viejo, PuriscalThere will be a lot more to show and tell next week. Meanwhile, I will be packing our belongings and then figuring out how it will all be stored in such a small space. Next week, if all goes as planned, I will be able to introduce our newest family member. Stay tuned...

This week's pictures are of blooming orchids growing on a large tree in Ciudad Colon, the stained glass window from the ruined church in Puriscal and another shot of the river that goes through our new property.