Phone Line Installation, Move Update

datura flowersThis past week the phone line was reinstalled at both the big house and the cabina. Our new Argentinean friend helped coordinate this with ICE (Costa Rica's phone/electricity monopoly). If you called the phone number it rang, which means it worked, but in reality the physical phone line, in the large junction box on the street that serves the entire neighborhood, was not hooked up. At some point someone moved our line, and changed the phone number for someone else to use. There are no spare phone lines in this box, meaning no one in the neighborhood can get a new one, so how did the technician fix it? Well, after a series of phone calls he took a working line from someone else and hooked it up to ours. Soon, the corporate headquarters in San Jose will need to come out and find a permanent solution for the box being short one line.

We have been dog sitting for the past three weeks. I have mostly stayed home with the dog while John runs errands and goes to meetings. He met with a "green" architect who shared some enlightening thoughts about the current plans we had drawn up to fix the big house. I have always been interested in alternative building techniques and this guy was able to persuade John that using these type of techniques isn't much more expensive and the outcome is something that will look much more pleasing. Given his advise we are now considering tearing down the big house and starting over. After moving to the property we will seriously consider the building sites in order to determine if our house should possibly be in a different location.

Costa Rica mothJust two weeks until we move. We are starting to purchase things to move into the cabina, like kitchen wear and household goods. I found that good quality pots and pans are hard to come by. After a lot of looking we found a stainless steel/aluminum set at a store in the Multi Plaza. There was only one set left so we purchased it on the spot. We will probably go back to the same store and purchase all of the other required culinary gadgets, sheets, blankets, small appliances, etc.