We Moved onto the Property

cute small dogThe move onto the property went smooth. We’ve been here for a little more than a week and a lot has happened. A crew is in place and has begun working to clear the property of over grown grass and weeds. We have decided to tear down the big house and build something new. Before the architect can come over all of the over grown grass and plants need to be cut back so he can evaluate possible building sites. So far, we are only working with the small piece of property closest to the road and before the river. The amount of vegetation to clear is massive. After the guys cut the grass with their machetes I follow up with a rake and tarp to gather the vegetation for my huge compost heap.

We have been fortunate to hire workers that have work on this piece of property in the past. They know where old trails used to be and where the best places for gardening are. They are also knowledgeable about the types of trees and plants that grow here.

We were able to adopt the little street dog Roxy. She is with us and getting accustomed to her new surroundings. We discovered she is terrified of thunder and needs extra love and attention to assure the storm will pass and she will be OK. I plan to get another big dog some time after Roxy is settled in.

I am enjoying being here and the new lifestyle. We get up early, have tea and breakfast. Afterward, I work in the yard until about noon and then begin preparing our one big meal of the day. I have always enjoyed gardening and here it is an entirely new experience to learn about all of the different plant types and critters that inhabit our slice of paradise.