Property Development and exploration

fuzzy green caterpillar in Costa RicaThings continue to move at lightning speed. John spent a few days in Panama to get his visa renewed and the same day he returned was able to get a Costa Rica drivers license. This was a big relief to both us. 

A crew is working on improving the trail from the house to the river. A different crew cleared the internal road from the across the river to one of several springs on the property. John and I went on a three hour hike with two of the crew to see more of the property. We were able to view the Tabarcia River that borders one end of the property. We saw several large, beautiful trees along the way. The next project for one of the teams is to continue clearing a trail from the spring to the Tabarcia River.

A rustic roof extension was added to the front of the cabina. The cabina faces east and the morning sun is so intense we couldn’t sit outside until it passed in the afternoon. This will give us more shade and shelter from the rain. More pictures to follow…

Costa Rica birdI continue to stay at home protecting our belongings until the storage facility is complete. Hopefully it will be done this week. One day while I was in the cabina I heard a bird fly into the window glass, I looked up and saw it fly into the front door and perch on Roxy’s leash which hangs from the wall. I watched the bird as it proceeded to tip over and hang upside down from the leash. At this point I thought the bird might actually be a bat. She hung that way for a minute or two before falling to the floor. Roxy went immediately to investigate and I called her away. Luckily she listens to me! Turns out it was a bird that probably got a concussion from flying into the window. I monitored her as she rested on the floor. At one point I thought she was dead, but after about ten minutes she recovered and flew out the front door.