Costa Rica residency approved, Frogs and Internet

Valley view in Puriscal, Costa RicaGood news for me… I received an e-mail to tell me that my Costa Rican residency has been approved! I still need to pay fees to the ARCR (the organization that helped us get our residency) and the government before I will be given a date to receive my cedula (Costa Rica ID card). I was beginning to think something was wrong with my application because John’s residency was approved at the end of last year. I guess it’s normal for spouses to be approved one after another.

The rainy season has made me more aware of all of the different frogs and toads that live among us. Roxy spends the early evening hours herding the toads off of the outdoor patio area but every so often a large toad will come into the house. John carefully picks them up and holds them away from his body, being careful not to get peed on by the toad. A different type of toad (pictured here) likes to live in drainage tubes and every evening makes whooping sounds. It took me a few nights to identify what critter was making the funny noise.

The other day I was lucky enough to be able to take a picture of a poison dart frog. They are plentiful here, mainly because nothing can eat them.

poison dart frogEven more good news for the week… we now have high speed internet! I thought we would have to just patiently wait until the high speed lines came to our neighborhood. Dial-up internet was very expensive for us because we paid the monthly fee for the service and also for minutes used on the land line. We are fortunate to now able to use a broadband access through 3G technology. Best of all, we connect by plugging a USB dongle into the laptop, making connection easy and accessible in and out of the house.