Cattle Visitors, Bird Sightings

heard of cattleThis morning we were greeted by seven cattle that stopped by for breakfast. I’m not sure where they came from but they seemed to really enjoy eating the overgrown and freshly cut grass. I had to hold Roxy back from chasing them. It was fun to watch the herd eat and investigate but the novelty wore off when they started to head for my newly planted trees. They hung around for about an hour before being escorted out the front gate of our property. Lesson learned… keep the gate shut.

Violaceous Trogon in Costa RicaI much prefer the birds that visit our place. This picture is of the Violaceous Trogon. I like looking at this bird, he seems calm and curious. We finally bought a Cost Rica bird book so I am ready to spend some time across the river trying to identifying what I can see.

Fiery-billed AracariI’ve posted pictures of this bird before. It’s the Fiery-billed Aracari. This picture was taken as a flock of about six ate from the same tree at one time. It was quite a sight. We continue to enjoy hiking through the property. I have begun to do a little trail maintenance myself with the machete. This is my first attempt at using one for outdoor work and I have to say it’s a wonderfully flexible tool. The only drawback is being careful not to cut myself. The secret to effective chopping is to always keep the blade razor sharp. The workers carry files and stop often to sharpen their blade. I haven’t learned that part yet but it’s not a problem because I don’t have the muscles (yet!) to swing and chop long enough to dull the blade very much.