Bugs Seen on the Property

Living in the tropics means living with all of the creatures that call this lovely place home. The creatures seen most often are insects of every type. From what I have observed so far it seems groups of insect types come and go. We went through a period of moths of every size and color and then several months filled with various stingless wasps. It’s normal to see many types of spiders, beetles, ants, caterpillars, worms, etc. Just as we think we’ve seen all of the different types of bugs there are to see then a new one will appear. Recently, I noticed this interesting spiny spider. If I didn’t watch it making its orbital web I wouldn’t have guessed it was a spider. After I saw one then I spotted several more. I read they are very common here.

During one of our hikes we came across this strange thing. I studied it for quite a while and came to the conclusion that it was a mushroom being consumed by some type of fly.

I often see insects that are amazingly beautiful. This red dragonfly hung out for a few hours on the tip of an Aloe Vera flower bud.

We saw this unusual butterfly one day while walking through the property. Its wings had parts that were transparent. We watched this little wonder of nature until it finished posing for me and flew off into the forest.