Barn transformed into Vivero

viveroWe are mostly finished transforming and saving the old animal barn structure into a place that I now call the vivero, Spanish for plant nursery. The rusty metal was sanded and repainted. A new roof and gutters were installed and nursery tables were made out of the gates that used to separate different areas of the structure. Below are some pictures of where I now spend most of my free time.

We decided to roof part of the vivero with clear panels to let light through. In the above picture you can see part of the red bean crop that is drying.

We are growing several different types of native hard wood trees from seeds and seedlings found on the property. Some of the tables are used to start vegetable seedlings.

We made garden beds around two sides of the vivero. This way it is easier to control the amount of water given to the plants. The beds are now full of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

pile of reclaimed woodWe are also storing the reclaimed wood from the property and several types of compost and soil that Mario makes for us.

growing hydroponic lettuceMario recently took a class on growing vegetables hydroponically and he made a table for us to grow lettuce. Hydroponics is new to me but I don't think I will ever abandon growing food in dirt. On a different note... we have decided to have a new architect make house plans for us. We had some doubts about the most recent plans and decided to get a fresh view. I have a better feeling about the new architect and am hopeful he will design something wonderful (and within budget!) for us.


Vincent L. said…
Wow, this is impressive! Good work to you! Hope you're enjoying the gardening life. Take care. Vincent
Unknown said…
Hi there,

Obviously, I cast a thought towards you more often than I write. It's such a trip to read all the posts for the past several months - the progress is, and Vincent says, so impressive.

What's a good email address for you, if you want to be in touch now that you have high speed?

Here is all pretty good. Summer - wonderful, though the effects of climate change are pretty evident this year. Work - about to shift again, and I'm pretty ready. Hoping to start to do more Jyotisha and stuff again. Ravi may have mentioned that I am also potentially going to take over the management of a small tower - which would allow much time for Jyotisha. We'll see. I'm trying it on for size weekends right now. And the big news is that I may have purchased a small shack in a small town called Lillooet. We'll see about that too.

Much affection,

SRD said…
Hi Khadgadevi - It's good to hear from you. All sounds OK in your world. My e-mail address is the same. I will send you a note now...