Rio Viejo walk with Spencer, Property Thoughts

Costa Rica dogOver the weekend I walked up the river with my new hiking buddy, Spencer. Roxy decided to stay close to home that day. The rains have stopped and the river water is clear. I took my time observing the trees, rocks and nature while Spencer busied himself looking for birds and animals to chase. I am glad that he seems more interested in keeping an eye on me and knowing there I am instead of running loose like a maniac.

Rio Viejo, PuriscalWe are just about ready to move on to the next phase of the house plans with the architect. Soon he will begin working on the technical plans. I like the design he came up with and I am excited to move in but must continue to remain patient.

I continue keeping myself busy in the garden. I planted a crop of wheat, sesame and green beans. The native trees are beginning to bloom so I will be on the look out for seeds to grow and plant at the beginning of the next rainy season in May.

Rio Viejo, Puriscal