River Pools, Rio Viejo Puriscal

During the rainy season the river can get enormous. Now that we are in the dry season the swollen river has subsided and left behind numerous river pools. I walk by the one pictured here, in front of the big rock, just about every day. This one is my favorite because not only is it filled with hundreds of tadpoles, it also has a few small fish. I have to sneak up to the pool very quietly in order to see the fish. The moment they sense me they frantically dart around looking for cover under a leaf or rock.

I thought about trying to catch the fish and release them into the river, but decided to let nature take her course. Each day the pool is a little smaller and one day it will be completely gone. For now I enjoy watching the life in the pool and along the river banks.

Roxy comes to the river with Spencer and I daily now. Roxy's favorite game is to chase fast things, such as motorcycles, cars, bicycles or joggers. Now her favorite thing to chase is Spencer at the river. Spencer chases flying birds at the river and Roxy waits behind rocks to chase Spencer as he runs by. Sometimes her chase is accompanied with a nip on the neck or ankle (no blood is drawn). Roxy seems completely oblivious as to why Spencer is running up and down the river banks and up until recently, Spencer ignored Roxy chasing him. He has now wised up to her antics and often goes out of his way to bypass her. Now, she often spends a fair amount of time waiting for him to come back from the direction he ran towards, when unbeknown to Roxy he took a different trail to avoid her. It's great exercise for both of them.

The guest suite is coming along well. I will post some pictures next time.