Guest Suite Construction, Spencer and Snake Skin

The guest suite is just about finished. All that is left to do is paint the walls and ceiling and varnish the wood doors. The electricity was hooked up today, so later this evening I will be the first to try out the new shower. I’m pleased with how the space turned out. It cost more than I expected, but we used materials that should last a very, very long time. For the time being, until the next visitor arrives, we have expanded our living areas and now sleep in the nicely ventilated guest area.
Trips to the river took a hiatus for the past four days because Spencer was neutered last week. Spaying and neutering dogs is not the norm in Costa Rica. As a result there is an overpopulation of unwanted dogs roaming the country. Spencer was one of those dogs before I took him in. I decided it’s best to get him castrated so there won’t be another litter of little Spencers in the neighborhood. He’s doing well and was very happy to be at the river this morning.

On my last journey to the river I came across a huge, recently shed snake skin. I was so surprised to find it in an area I frequent. At first glance it didn’t look like a fer-de-lance, but I wasn’t sure. Today I brought it back for our workers to inspect and identify. Two immediately said it was the dreaded fer-de-lance, but upon further inspection by a third worker all agreed it was a harmless, non-venomous snake. That made me feel better but I will continue to be cautious when walking around the river.