Wondrous Creatures

saddleback caterpillarRecently, I was cutting down some old corn plants and adding them to the compost pile. I cut one plant after another and suddenly noticed a patch of skin on my arm was covered with painful blisters. I had no idea what happened until I spotted this cluster of worms under one of the corn leaves. Apparently I lightly brushed up against one of these colorful creatures. Each worm was about one inch in length and if you look closely you can see the thorns radiating from their body. I had never seen anything like this and now know to inspect what I am cutting more carefully to avoid pain.

Jesus Christ Lizard
This lizard is a site to see. It can run across water! I have seen them easily run straight across the powerful flowing river. The Jesus Christ Lizard can run across water so this might be a juvenile.

Green Kingfisher
I came across another bird photo in my archives. This is the Green Kingfisher. I often see them at the river and was excited to find this one posing so nicely for his picture.

green fuzzy wormOne more worm picture to share with you. This one appeared on the back of a boot on the patio. What incredible colors and design! We were careful not to touch this one but enjoyed observing from a distance.