Citrus Bag Baskets

While I would like to spend most of my time during the day out in the garden, it's often not practical or wise to do so. Summer is here and during the day the temperatures reach the upper 90's. Now that it's so hot I stay indoors from 10 a.m. to around 3 p.m. I spend a portion of that time preparing and cooking the main meal of the day and then have some free time until the sun begins to set. My latest free time project has been to make baskets out of plastic netted citrus bags. 99% of the time citrus is sold in these containers. I saved them for two years to make these baskets.

The technique I used was to attach one end of the bag to the other using fishing line. I made three "ropes" this way and then braided them together.

After the length of the braid was sufficient I began to coil and stitch together with fishing line.

I'm happy with how they turned out and even more satisfied that I was able to keep the plastic out of the garbage dump.

House construction continues. The crew has been busy laying tile and installing light fixtures. Roxy seems to know this will be her future home and at times feels the need to protect the spaces by chasing after and barking at the workers. Luckily she is small and doesn't do much harm and the workers find her amusing.