House Construction Pause and Garden Update

bugs on flower
House construction is taking a break for one week. The contractor is starting two large projects and needed the time to focus on getting them going. While I really want our house done NOW, the break with having so many people here is refreshing.

Did you feel the effects of the solar storm yesterday? Roxy and Spencer were up most of the night barking at something, while we got very little sleep. I blamed all of the commotion on the sun and hope all resumes to calm this evening.

The vegetables are doing great in the garden. The okra plants are blooming and so are the yard long beans. I spent several hours yesterday dividing scallions and transplanting more seedlings. We ate our first home grown pineapple and what a treat that was! The taste and sweetness was unlike any pineapple I have ever eaten. Several more are close to being ready to eat. We also ate a few kohlrabi, which is a tasty treat that can't be bought in town. Later this week we will probably begin to eat the collard greens.

For the moment, I seem to have the bug population under control in the enclosed garden space. One frog lives in there to help me, however there is also one large grass hopper that continues to elude me and comes out from time to time to help himself to some of the basil. We found out that the organic bug spray I bought from a friend of Mario's might have a questionable type of mineral oil in it. I will stop using it on vegetables that are hard to clean and resume making my own pepper, garlic, onion and dish soap sprays.