Centro Santiago de Puriscal - Street Photography

The other day I took my camera with me into town. Here are some shots I took out of the car window as we drove through downtown Santiago de Puriscal.

Street in Santiago de Puriscal
This is one of the main drags across the street from the park. These pictures were taken earlier in the morning, well before the town really begins to buzz.

Monge and people in Puriscal
"Importadora Monge" is a store that sells appliances, electronics and home furnishings. There are a couple other similar stores in town.

Street corner carniceria in Puriscal
The "carniceria" is the butcher. There are several in centro, so many in fact I wonder how all of them stay in business.

 Alberto's Bar in Santiago de Puriscal
No town would be complete without the local bar. Again, there are many to choose from.

Agro Comercial Puriscal
This is one of several hardware stores in town. Agro Comercial Puriscal is a place we frequent regularly.

Super Carnes La Puriscalena
This is a shot of the butcher we go to weekly. Next door is an internet cafe and DVD rental. Upstairs is one of several attorneys and dentists in town.

Bus stop in Puriscal
These people are waiting for a bus. There are usually dozens of people waiting to catch the bus here that goes to outlying rural areas. Behind them is a "verduleria" which sells fresh produce. Like butchers and bars there are also many small shops that sell produce.