Iguana Splat!

tree near river
The other day I spent a few hours by myself at the river. While I enjoy walking with Spencer clipped onto my side, it was nice to be free of the large dog and to do as I pleased. I spent some time admiring the enormous espavel tree pictured above. I wondered how old it was and how many people it has seen walk by. I imagined it was so old that perhaps some of the indigenous people admired it as I was. I noticed a large rock at the base of the trunk, perfect to sit on and be out of the sun. I spent a while determining how I would access the rock. There appeared to be somewhat of a path from the river up to the tree. As I was plotting my move to the shady rock I heard a large splat! A very large iguana dropped from the tree and landed right next to the rock at the base of the tree. Wow! I was happy I wasn't already at the base of the tree. I have seen iguanas drop from trees before. To me it appears they do this to escape danger. I imagine the iguana felt threatened that I was hanging around the tree for so long. I ended up not visiting the rock at the base of the tree, maybe next time.