Thorn Bugs

I walk by this sapling frequently and was surprised one day to find about 30 green thorns growing on it. It caught my eye because I know this type of tree doesn't have thorns. Upon closer inspection I saw these were actually bugs disguised as thorns.

I have never seen anything like this. They were obviously very content with the location and the sap they were sucking from the tree. I saw them in the same spot for several weeks.

A quick internet search confirmed that these are indeed called Thorn Bugs. I touched the tip of one and it was as sharp as it appears. I'm glad I took photos because today when I passed by the tree there were only a few left. Now I will be watching the tree to see if the colony of thorn bugs caused it any harm. The dry season is upon us and with that many trees, including this one, drop their leaves. I will probably have to wait several months before knowing how the bugs affected the tree.