Kaempferia Rotunda and Flowers From the Ground

flowers from the ground
This is an interesting plant, however I don't know its name. This time of year it produces stocky flowers that are about eight inches tall which last several weeks and then are replaced by long narrow leaves that grow to be about a three feet tall. They are lush during the rainy season and when the dry season comes the entire plant dies back to the ground.

flowers from the ground in Costa Rica
I have noticed the bees and hummingbirds like this plant as much as I do.

Kaempferia Rotunda
I was able to find this one in the plant book, its called Kaempferia Rotunda. The striking flowers seem to appear straight from the ground over night. I did plant some of this in the garden, however this particular one I did not so maybe it is a good self seeder. Both of these plants indicate that the seasons are beginning to change, however currently it remains hot, dry and windy.