Flowering Tree Time of Year

Pau d'archo flowers
I realize I have posted about the beautiful flowering trees many times on this blog, but they are such a predominant feature this time of year that I couldn't resist sharing some current photos. This one is called Roble de Sabana, also known as Pau d'archo. There are several mature trees on our property and hundreds of younger ones.

Corez Amarillo Flowers
This spectacular yellow flowering tree is the Corez Amarillo. Several of them are in bloom throughout the valley.

Madero Negro Flowers
Madero Negro grows like a weed in our part of Costa Rica. This tree has many uses from lumber to medicinal. We have used this wood extensively on our property for fence posts, both with wood from dead trees and also planted as living fence posts. One year I saw some women collecting the flowers from the living fence posts along the road side of our property. After I saw that I checked my medicinal plant book and found that the flowers are edible and can be used to treat diarrhea. I ate a few and found they have a pleasant taste.