Interesting Spider

I saw this spider high up on the outside of our house. She made a pretty web and I noticed that no other spiders were nearby, which is a little odd. From my observations, spiders of all types fill in any open real estate in prime locations. I frequently take a brush on a long pole and remove all spiders and webs on the house but I spared her, I thought she was pretty. This all changed when I noticed several egg sacks in her web and one that had recently hatched hundreds of babies. It was time to remove her. I took this picture as she recovered from being transported from her spot ten feet up the side of the house onto the ground. She was a few inches long from leg tip to leg tip.


Oh My God! Sorry. I just had a vision of me trying to remove that spider from my roof. Pure Panic and Outright Horror.
SRD said…
Removing it was the easy part. Getting the camera a few inches away to take the picture required courage.