Robin's Nest

robin making nest
This seems to be a popular nesting site in the galerón. Last year a pair of Rofus-naped Wrens made a nest and raised a few chicks in the same spot high up, under the roof. One morning I walked into the galerón and noticed the old wren's nest had fallen onto the table below. I didn't think much of it until I saw this robin making a nest in the same spot. Apparently she threw the old nest down so she could make a new, improved one. She spent the majority of one day working on the nest. Later that day I heard the wrens protesting loudly in the same general area. I imagine they weren't too thrilled with the robin moving into their turf. For whatever reason the robin finished the nest and never returned. I guess she got the message from the wrens that she was not welcome, or possibly the nest was created as a decoy to keep predators away from the real nest somewhere nearby.