Customer Service in Costa Rica

air fern
When shopping in Costa Rica I notice most of the time the employees don't want to be bothered by helping customers. They will do just about anything to avoid the customer and do the minimal amount of work. Maybe this just applies to gringos, I'm not sure... One big box store we visited was a classic example of this. We were the only customers looking at the computers and nearby were at least four employees standing together, talking to each other. I asked one for help with the specs on one computer. He made the data display on the screen and then left. I needed the same assistance with just about every model on display. I had to ask him for help one at a time and after each one he would walk away. Meanwhile, all of the other employees that were standing around had disappeared.

Luckily, the place we ended up buying the computer was a different experience. The salesperson was helpful and I felt good about spending our money there. I bought a computer with a much larger screen and hope to improve the quality of my photos with it.