Monkeys on the Property

Rio Viejo Puriscal Costa Rica
I had finished filling my water bottles at the drinking spring located on the other side of the river. Spencer and I were heading back home when I heard a very unusual animal noise from above. It was a clear sharp noise that sounded like a cross between a strange dog bark and a bird of prey call. I heard it again, this time it sounded closer. I heard it a few more times but never saw anything.

Spencer insisted that we walk towards the origin of the sound. I complied and we proceeded to walk through the pastures and then back to the river. We didn't see anything unusual. We crossed the river and walked towards the steps leading to our house when I heard the strange sound again, but this time I saw it was coming from two white faced capuchin monkeys! They were high up in the wild cashew trees along the Rio Coco. They looked at me and I looked at them for a short while before deciding to leave them be.

This is the first time I have seen monkeys on the property. You might recall that back on November our worker saw two monkeys descend down the ravine into our property. I would imagine these were the same two critters. It looked like they were heading up the Rio Coco. I do hope they stick around and, if possible, repopulate this area.