Puriscal Sunset and Temperature Note

puriscal sunset
An exceptional sunset from a few days ago. Also, a note about the chilly morning temperatures this year. In all the previous years, for about two weeks in December it was cool in the morning and required putting extra layers on. This year is different. Just about every day since December 2017 the temperatures have been in the low 60's. It warms into the 90's during the day, but the early hours are chilly to us. I asked Mario about this and he said it is unusual. There have even been reports of hail in the upper elevations.


Gorgeous sky. Sounds more like temperatures in Colorado in summer. Cool nights and hot days. I hope a big event is not about to happen e.g. earthquake. Just wondering aloud. Did you even bring sweaters?
SRD said…
We moved here from the PNW in December so I do have one sweater for those super chilly mornings.