Pet Update

dog watching vultures
Now that Kitty is with us the dynamics at the weekly vulture all-you-can-eat buffet has changed. She tries to arrive at the buffet first so she can eat the good stuff. Once she is there she will try to hold the territory while the vultures arrive. I have witnessed how clever the vultures are with dealing with her. One vulture will get as close as possible to Kitty and then slowly lead her away from the food. She leaves because her instincts tell her to go after the bird. While she is being lead away two or more vultures will come out of the trees and claim the food spot. At that point all Kitty can do is watch. Last week Kitty and Spencer worked as a team to try to keep the vultures from the feast. It worked for a while but ultimately the vultures always clean it all up. You may need to click on the above photo to enlarge it to see Kitty on the left near the food and Spencer on the right at the end of his rope.

cat outside, dog inside house
Kitty is very aware of Spencer's routine and knows when he is inside the house. If he is inside and the all the doors are closed then she can freely walk the perimeter of the house, usually meowing for me to feed her.
cat in Puriscal
Kitty continues to occasionally come with me on my photo walks. More than once she has viciously attacked one of my plant subjects after she determined I had spent enough time looking at it and now it was time to strike.