Pizote at Plaza Itskatzu

We went to the big city so my husband could get some dental work done. I came along for shopping and to take pictures. While he was in the dentist's chair I walked around the plaza looking for things to photograph. I ended up here at the corner of a steak house.

Initially the colors, angles and reflections caught my eye, but then I was drawn to the cool looking Mercedes.

The car was neat and I also liked this view. As I was taking pictures I heard a scratching sound coming from the rafters of the open ceiling in an outdoor area.

I looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see a napping pizote. Apparently, I had been hanging out in one spot too long and he needed to peek down to see if I was a threat, or not. We made eye contact and then he changed positions and continued napping.

A group of pizotes have lived in this plaza ever since we have been in the country. There used to be large garbage bins near the street that they would feed from. Those have been removed, but the cute critters continue living in the area. A river with steep ravine is nearby.