The One That Got Away

I sat on the ground to photograph flowers by the sidewalk. As I get situated I hear a booming meow behind me. It's so loud I think it's Sam, but no, it was Kitty with a bird in her mouth. I remain calm as she places the bird upright a few feet from me. The bird was alive, but frozen. Kitty moves several times into various positions, taunting the bird. She gave the bird a few playful pats, but the bird didn't move. Kitty seemed to be loosing interest. I get the feeling she brought the bird to me to kill and eat. Enough time passed and the bird flew away. Spencer joined in to see what all the ruckus was about.


Now that's one smart bird and one with experience! Great story.
SRD said…
Thank you MA! I'm happy I was there to get some photos.