Snake Skin Find

snake skin
Spencer stopped to inspect something on our walk and next to the trail I see a fresh snake skin. It was completely intact and fully stretched out. I decided to bring it back to the house. It was so fresh it was moist and pliable.

snake skin
This is the largest, intact one I have found on the property. It measured eight feet long! I was impressed with the head part of the skin. It probably came from a python.

snake skin


A close encounter of another kind! This is the ONLY was I ever would like to be up close and personal with such a creature. Does CR have many of these or is this some pet someone let loose? What do you carry for protection on your walks?
SRD said…
There are many different types of native snakes here. There isn't a problem with escaped pets like in Florida. I carry a knife, a walking stick and a lot of common sense.