Squash and Cacao

cacao and squash
That is a ten pound squash in the middle, the largest I have ever grown. It was very tasty. I don't know the variety, but I would put it in the winter squash category. The large squash is flanked by two cacao pods pods from trees near the house.


How did you prepare your squash? We had baked acorn squash last evening. Comfort food. What do you do with the cacao?
SRD said…
The squash is boiled then mashed with ghee and salt. I haven't seen acorn squash here, but I like it also! The cacao beans will be fermented, roasted and then probably left whole to snack on. They are medicinal that way.
Sounds delicious! Do you have cinnamon to add to the squash for a different version? I think I prefer yours.