Forever Stamp Problem

USA forever stamp
Public Service Announcement: If possible do not use a "forever" stamp when sending items from the United States to Costa Rica. I know what a "forever" stamp is, however what it really mean is the item will take forever to arrive! The first time this happened to me it took over one year for a graduation announcement to arrive with the forever stamp. I brushed that off as just an oddity, however it recently happened again. This time it took three months for a letter to arrive. Prior to this we would receive letters from the USA in about two weeks. I'm not sure why the delay with the forever stamp, but I would guess it has something to do with the Costa Rica postal service not being sure they will be compensated for delivery. Please do not use these stamps for international delivery!


"Forever" - I laughed even though it must be frustrating for mail to take forever to arrive. MaƱana is too soon!
SRD said…
The USPS marketing department should come up with a better name!