Chicken Flock Update

rooster and hens in Puriscal

rooster and hens in Puriscal
The flock has been reduced by one. One of the hens died. I imagine the stress of being transported into a new environment was too much for her. The remaining four hens and rooster all appear healthy. Before the birds arrived I had the chicken wire, that separated the palace into paddocks, removed. They can freely use the entire space. So far, half of it remains vegetated and that is where some of the hens have found protected areas to nest and lay eggs. Some of the others prefer to use the nest box inside the coop. They have many areas for dust baths in the other half of the palace.

One afternoon I checked on the flock and was surprised to see a large iguana inside the area, eating the vegetable scraps I left earlier in the day. It appeared the chickens were either scared of the iguana or they were ignoring it, I'm not sure. Now that the entire structure is covered with chicken wire, Kitty can't do her job with that iguana. I think he lives inside the metal structure of the chicken palace. I need to find out exactly where that is and close it off.


It seems even our best intentions are thwarted by unplanned and unwanted "guests." We just have to outsmart squirrels around here though. Good luck with the iguana.