Five Chicks Hatched!

brahma hen with chicks
Five chicks hatched over the weekend! Three of the hens were broody at the same time. Blackie's eggs hatched first. I had marked the eggs so I had some idea of when they were laid and after she hatched four, I moved the remaining eggs over to the other hens that were sitting on nest boxes adjoined to each other. Blondie ended up moving all of the eggs under her and Ruby had none, but she sat there any way. Yesterday one hatched under Blondie and this morning it was still alive underneath her with the remaining eggs. I decided to move Blondie and eggs into a separate nest and gave the chick to Ruby. Blackie and her four chicks are inside the protected coop area. The other chickens, rooster and one chick remain inside the main enclosure. I am learning as I go. The chicks are incredibly cute and it's fun to watch them with their mama.