Rooster Update

Junior was beginning to fight with Chicky so the time arrived to separate them. Initially, I put Chicky in a separate paddock with one hen, but that didn't work out. Chicky ended up terrorizing her so I put her back with Junior and the other two hens. I hope Chicky is alright being by himself. He does seem calmer. It appears the six month old hens in Junior's flock are thinking about laying eggs. It has been interesting to watch Junior mature and to begin the traits of an adult bird. I hope he's as good of a rooster as Rooster is. Here is a video I took yesterday before I removed the hen from Chicky's paddock.


Love what you have done and your narration. Best of luck! Very impressive.
SRD said…
Thanks a lot Dr. N. I really enjoy tending to the chickens and the eggs are marvelous!