Daily Harvest

chard, kale, vegetables, eggs Puriscal

I usually harvest only what we will eat in a day. Here's what a typical harvest looks like. This one was from earlier in October. The chard leaves were the best I have ever grown and inspired this picture. The solo egg was the first laid that day.

chard, kale, vegetables, eggs Puriscal

The harvest this morning includes: kale, collard, chard, nettle, radish, arugula, okra, yard long green beans, citrus and eggs.

eggs Puriscal, Costa Rica

The egg on the right is the first one laid by Pretty Lady. I saw her on the nest and watched her leave as she sang the "I laid an egg!" song. She then went on to find various leaves and sticks and threw them on her back. I have seen the hens do that before, but I don't know why. I imagine it was a form of celebration for laying the egg. The egg on the left is normal size. Pretty Lady's egg is so tiny!