Best Toothbrush Holder

best toothbrush holder
Best Toothbrush Holder

I've never thought much about a toothbrush holder. When I lived in the states the toothbrush usually lived inside a medicine cabinet. I was not impressed with the medicine cabinets for sale in Costa Rica and didn't think we needed to have a custom one built. Instead, we chose to hang a huge mirror on the wall above the bathroom sinks.

The first few years in our new house, the toothbrush lived inside a plastic travel case inside of a larger plastic box. After a while I got tired of cleaning out the plastic containers. There wasn't enough air circulation allowing mold to grow. 

I looked on the internet for a solution. Most of the holders had parts that looked impossible to keep clean. I wanted something simple, nothing high-tech that required a battery or electricity. It needed to be easy to keep clean, protected from bugs and critter poop and good air flow. I didn't find anything on the internet so I came up with a solution.

My toothbrush now lives inside a large jar with a mesh sink drain strainer on top. I have been using this for many years and it is perfect for the tropical climate. If you need an easy to clean solution and have the counter space give this a try.