Wash your hands of fear

Costa Rica bus stop
Passing by a bus stop along the side of the road. This was taken several months ago. The requirement at that time was for people to wear masks when at the bus stop. So much fear...

Costa Rica Pricesmart hand washing
This is the newly installed hand washing station at Pricesmart. Again, this was taken several months ago. No one was monitoring that you actually washed your hands before entering the store. I appreciated being able to use it after the shopping experience was over.


Love to see the photos of masks and washing stations. Most stores have stations with hand sanitizer to use and wipes to wipe cart handles. 16 states or more have no mask mandate. The mandate still exist in our area. When we walk outdoors in the fresh air and at the park, we don't wear masks. Interesting. Hope you had a lovely Easter. oxox
SRD said…
Happy Easter to you too MA! Thanks for your comment and observations on the current status of liberation from the fear.