Incredible lightning storm in Puriscal: Several bolts touchdown digging holes in the ground

tree struck by lightning in Costa Rica
Tree splintered by lightning.

Tropical wave #21 passed over our house with a bang on Tuesday. I heard thunder in the distance and hurried to the chicken palace to scoop poop before the rain began. When I returned to the house I could tell by the rain clouds in the valley that it was the type of storm where all windows needed to be shut. I secured the windows and let Spencer inside and made myself comfortable in front of the computer. 

The rain clouds let loose and a downpour began along with an almost simultaneous lightning and thunder. I thought I saw the lightning in the back yard, John thought he saw it in the front yard. Over the next half hour or so there was more lightning and thunder. I was able to count to "one" between the lightning and thunder and that told me the storm was still overhead but may have moved slightly. 

lightning strike hits the ground in Puriscal
Lightning strike hits ground and digs trench.

And then a simultaneous bright flash of light and loud thunderous boom and the power went out. The power goes out a lot so I didn't think too much of it except there was a possibility that recent boom put the power out just in our house. John went out in the rain to see what happened and called me outside to see the damage. 

Lightning strike hits ground and digs hole
Lightning strike hits ground and moves large rocks, creates hole.

I didn't expect to see what I saw. A lightning bolt struck very close to the house and made a trench like hole in the ground, moving large rocks and flinging grass and dirt everywhere! The trench is about four feet long. 

Lightning strike damages concrete stairs
Lightning strike damages concrete.

Even more amazing is the damage it did to the concrete stairs.

Lightning strike hits ground and digs hole in Puriscal
Lightning strike hits ground and digs hole

Another hole was made along the stairs. And, as shown in the first photo, a tree was hit and splintered apart. 

John found the circuit breaker at the meter and several inside the house had tripped. The surge protector for John's electronics was fried along with a phone charger. We are fortunate no more damage was done. The power of nature is humbling!