Wednesday Wash Day

Tendril drop photo by Sally Rose Dolak

Every Wednesday I do laundry and clean the house. In the past I experimented with doing a little cleaning on various days of the week but I found it was more efficient to just do it all on one day. I have been doing it long enough that I have body memory to complete the chores and it isn't a big deal. I don't have to talk myself into it, I just activate my body and it gets done.

Dog waiting to come inside house
Spencer waiting to come inside the house.

Once a week Spencer is kicked out of the house while I vacuum and mop the tile floors. He hates it! He puts on his best pathetic face and waits at the closed door. It must be torture not be able to go inside. Sometimes he occasionally barks to let us know he wants to go inside. He has to wait until the floors are dry. 

Kitty the cat resting on a chair
Kitty lounging on chair on the patio.

Kitty also gets disturbed from her spot inside on a towel covered dining room chair. She doesn't seem to mind. There are other places she can lounge.

Dog chewing on bone outside in the grass
Spencer enjoying a bone.

Wednesday is also bone day for Spencer. This helps to distract him from the pain of not being able to go inside. As with most dogs, he loves chewing on a good bone. This usually occupies him until the floors are dry. 

Lactating dog on sidewalk
Venga the neighbor dog. Photo taken at the end of 2019

The next door dog, Venga, knows what happens on Wednesday and she usually shows up later in the day to steal the bone. If it's a really good bone then Spencer will put it somewhere the neighbor dog can't get it. More often than not, he is done with the bone by the afternoon and Venga comes and takes it away.