Evolution of Animal Intelligence

house gecko on ripe banana

Our dwelling is occupied by several geckos. They live in all corners of our house. Sometimes I find the eggs they lay and I'm careful not to disturb them. I have seen many newly hatched geckos, they are very cute! I am amazed they are able to hatch from an egg and begin life with no adult assistance. I imagine food and shelter are their first objectives. Unfortunately, I have seen too many little ones try to live in the window rails. That usually doesn't turn out so well. I have also seen small ones that go somewhere and get covered by dust bunnies. That's a rough way to begin life!

The other day I witnessed the smartest baby gecko I have ever seen! This little guy decided to live among ripe bananas where fruit flies congregate. He stayed there for several days. I hope that gave him an extra boost to begin life in the house.

Black Vulture in Puriscal, Costa Rica
In the past, I used to leave cooked chicken bones for the vultures to eat. This worked out well for a long time until the neighbor dogs caught on and took over at the buffet. I didn't want the dogs eating the bones so I quit leaving food for the vultures. I haven't feed the vultures for more than a year.

Earlier this week I roasted a chicken and was deboning it on the kitchen counter. I looked out the window and saw a vulture in the grass very near me. He wanted my attention. We made eye contact and I understood... he was there for the bones. His buddies were waiting in the trees. I gave them the bones at the usual feeding spot. Everything was devoured quickly. They must have a very keen sense of smell to know I had just roasted a chicken.