Shopping at Pricesmart Santa Ana and a Vivero

View of Pricesmart Santa Ana parking lot
A shopping trip happened earlier this week. Pricesmart in Santa Ana was the destination. This is the view from inside the two story building. A security guard got very close to me and mumbled something as I was taking photos out the window. I ignored him and he didn't repeat what ever was on his mind.

Inside Pricesmart Santa Ana, Costa Rica
I took note that the shelves were stocked to capacity as usual. Prices also seemed about the same as previous times. I read there is a turkey shortage in the USA and confirmed that there were no frozen turkeys for sale here. This time of year there are usually a few in the freezer section.

Concrete building with blue windows
I like the color of the windows on this building. This was taken out the car window as we were driving on the freeway.

Large chair at bus stop in Brasil de Santa Ana, Costa Rica
I don't recall seeing this oversized chair before. It's located next to the bus stop in Brasil de Santa Ana. Note the metal steps to reach the high chair. 

Avocado vendor with carboard hat
This man was selling avocadoes on the side of the road. A taxi was parked in the middle of the street which gave the vendor a chance to make a sale. I liked his hat.

Vivero in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica
We stopped at this vivero on the way home. It was the second time we have been here. It's conveniently located in Ciudad Colon, however parking can be a little tricky. I bought four small flowering plants and two herbs. Pura Vida!