On the road for a shopping trip

new bridge near Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

The highlight of the week was a shopping trip in Santa Ana. Along the way we crossed over an emergency replacement bridge. The old bridge was in bad shape and close to collapsing. It took one month to install the bailey bridge. This is supposed to be temporary until a new, two lane bridge is installed.

bad tree pruning in Costa Rica

I saw a pet peeve of mine along the way... poorly pruned trees. I wish tree pruners were educated about tree care instead of arbitrarily chopping branches.

Tree cemented in sidewalk in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Sidewalks were installed along the perimeter of a large vacant lot in Ciudad Colon. For all the money and effort it took to do this, I don't know why they cemented around this tree! Again, it looks like a display of more ignorance about the needs of trees.

people on street corner in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

As usual, a lot of people were out and about. I still saw too many people wearing masks in situations were not necessary. Maybe it makes them feel safe, but breathing fresh air would probably be better. I noticed less hand washing stations at the stores. They have been replaced with alcohol gels, but no one was monitoring if it was used or not. 

roadside scenery in Costa Rica

One of the best parts of a shopping trip is taking in the beautiful scenery along the way.