Giant Yuca Plant in Puriscal

yuca leaves against blue sky
A volunteer yuca plant has been growing inside the chicken palace for several years. It's located in a protected area just inside the entryway.

yuca leaves and stalks
Yuca has many names, one is cassava. Tapioca comes from this plant. No parts of the plant should be consumed raw due to harmful components.

giant yuca plant
The last time I intentionally grew yuca the pizotes ate it all. Apparently they aren't affected by the toxins in the plant. I find it interesting the pizotes will eat raw yuca but don't touch the taro plants.
giant yuca plant
Yuca is a perennial plant. I was surprised to see how tall it gets if left undisturbed. It's drought tolerant (I never water it) and grows well in marginal soil.

yuca tubers
I tried my best to get photos of the entire plant, but it's growing in an awkward place for good photography. If times get tough there's a supply of survival food under ground.